5 Tips for Using Instant Pot for beginners

5 Tips for Using Instant Pot for beginners

If you just got an instant pot, congratulations! The handy appliance will change the way you cook for good. There are many uses for instant pots or multi-cookers, they save time and space, and that’s everything for many of us.

An instant pot is a slow cooker and a pressure cooker at the same time; it does it all! Still, there are some ways to make the most out of your new favorite appliance. Here are some valuable tips for using instant pot recipes. Your instant pot is your new best friend!

1. Forget about water

All instant pots come with a pressure cooker setting, and pressure is what makes the appliance cook stuff so fast. Still, you need liquid to build all that steam pressure. And although most recipes call for between 1 and 1.5 cups of water, you can use any other liquid instead! Don’t use water, use chicken or vegetable stock. You can use juice in some recipes as well, and that results in much more flavorful food!

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2. Cut the meat in small chunks

For even and fast cooking, cut your meat and large veggies into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Sure, your instant pot can handle large pieces of meat, but it takes longer to cook them. If you really want an instant meal, make it easy for your appliance and chop everything beforehand. Besides, that way, you don’t have to do anything to your stew but serve it. Chopping the ingredients has lots of advantages!

3. Sauté your ingredients!

You might not know this, but you can adjust your instant pot temperature and use it to sauté the ingredients before adding the liquids and stewing the food. Sautéing garlic, onions, ginger, but also veggies and most importantly, the meat will give them a nice crispy crust and lovely charred flavors to the otherwise bland food. And you need not use a separate skillet; sauté the food in the instant pot itself.

4. Consider ten extra minutes

Whenever you’re using the pressure cooker setting in your instant pot, add ten more minutes to your recipe’s cooking time. As you know, pressure cookers work with steam, and that steam takes around ten minutes to form. The food starts getting cooked after that mark. Keep this in mind if you’re in a hurry and need dinner for a specific time — add ten more minutes to every recipe’s cooking time, and you’ll be all right.

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5. Clean stainless steel with white vinegar

Some recipes are messy, so you’ll unavoidably see your spotless instant pot go opaque with time, especially the inner stainless-steel pot; it gets cloudy. Clean your pot with a cloth soaked with white vinegar and see the material’s shiny look come back to life. You can do this once a week or once a month, depending on how much you use the instant cooker. While you’re at it, replace the silicone sealing ring every year and a half to be safe.

There You Go, Now, Let’s Get Cookin’!

The most important thing about using an instant pot is using it! Don’t just leave it in its original box; make good use of its magic to cook everything, from breakfast to desserts.

There’s no one use for an instant pot but many, so adapt it to your cooking and the food your family enjoys, and you’ll be okay. You’ll have tons of fun using your instant pot, and the best part? You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones.