Tom Hanks and his wife returned home after recovery.

Tom Hanks and his wife returned home after recovery.

Tom Hanks and his wife was quarantined few weeks in Australia where they went for a movie shoot, both were tested positive with coronavirus, the whole Internet cheered when it was reported that Tom Hanks and his wife returned home to Los Angeles after their test came negative.

Hanks confirmed in his tweet that they returned to the United States, in the message he mentioned that they are continuing social distancing, he also thanked Australia for their support in receiving care.

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When Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson heading back to Los Angeles home after almost two weeks from the state of self-quarantined in Australia they were photographed in which both were smiling and they drove along.

Tom hanks and Wilson had some fun during their quarantine time. On their social media, they posted that they are playing cards and singing together classic hip hop songs, also Tom hanks constantly asked people for his speedy recovery.

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Kevin Bacon, a good friend of hanks check in with tom and also taking steps to promote social distancing for the benefit of the whole. Stars like Idris Elba and Kumail Nanjiani have also admired Hanks. Elba appreciates that Hanks took the decision to come forward and did self-quarantined not just for his and his wife’s health but also for the others.

The world is facing a new reality that we should do social distancing and should remain in our houses in this Coronavirus lockdown time. Most of the film and tv series delayed their release and some shutdown their production.

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Even in this hard time, we are hearing good news like Tom hanks and Rita Wilson’s recovery, and this gives a hope to a lot of people.