Tom Hanks Blood will be Used to Develop Cure for COVID 19

Tom Hanks Blood will be Used to Develop Cure for COVID 19

In an effort to find the vaccine for coronavirus, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson approved to donate blood. Back at the start of  March during the shoot of Elvis Presley Biopic in Australia, Both tested positive for the coronavirus and shifted to hospital and self-quarantined while recovering from the virus. During Quarantine both were active on social media and give updates to their fans. After tested negative both returned to Los Angeles to continue their recovery at home.

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Researchers from all over the world trying to develop the vaccine for the virus, Coronavirus is continuously spreading and all countries facing lockdown situations and practicing social distancing. Researchers continuously improving the antibody test and identifying those who got recovered from coronavirus and have high antibody count. This will be useful for researchers to study and testing, After return to Los Angeles Tom hanks and his wife both submitted a blood sample to test for antibodies, to see if they could contribute to research.

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During an interview to NPR, Tom discloses that they found high antibodies count in blood samples and were approved to donate blood to those organizations who are working on coronavirus vaccine he also said:

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks and his wife both are aged 63, and included in the highest age risk group, now which is set at age 65. Tom Hanks and his wife are lucky that they didn’t face the worst complications of the virus, but still, the condition was serious. Tom hanks noted that his wife Rita Wilson had a high fever and face a much tougher time than himself. Now both are recovered and coming back to normal life, recently Tom hosts the show “At Home Edition” of Saturday Night Live.   

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson films ready for release but now pushed back due to coronavirus. Wilson’s drama Love Is Love Is Love had been scheduled to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, but that’s no longer in the list. Tom hanks WWII movie, Greyhound, was ready to release in March, but the first movie was decided to release in June before studio taken off movie from the release slot. Now the studio is working on a new release theatrical model after that we all will get to know When it is going to release.