Greyhound: Tom Hank fights against Nazi Submarines

Greyhound: Tom Hank fights against Nazi Submarines

Tom Hanks fans are thrilled over the trailer of Greyhound Movie in which he is playing the role of captain Ernest Krause who is in command of an escort group of the Allied to defend a convoy of ships from US Nazis submarine attack. The movie is based on The Good Shepherd a novel published in 1955 by C. S. Forester. The cast also includes Rob Morgan, Stephen Graham, and Elisabeth Shue.

Krause is given command of a US destroyer, USS KEELING which a code named ‘Greyhound’ Movie. The trailer starts with Hanks voice praying from Lord before mission. Tom Hanks is seen saying goodbye to Elisabeth Shue before going on the mission. The decisions of Krause as a captain are very critical because life of his soldiers is depending on his moves and decisions. The mission is his first time as war captain which is revealed in the trailer when he tells this he suddenly gets some nervous and shocked looks. The trailer shows soldiers celebrating victory of destroying enemy’s ship.

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As they move on they are told that they will have no air cover for the next five days and now they are on their own. And then shows a series of glimpse of war, destruction of an enemy ship, remorse of death of soldiers and much more.

This isn’t Tom Hanks’ first movie featuring high seas, his movie “Captain Phillips” in 2013 in which he was held hostage by Somali pirates on board. Tom Hanks also worked on the script of the movie. This is not his first time to write a screenplay, he wrote and directed “Larry Crowne” and “That Thing You Do!” .He also wrote scripts of “Electric City,” and “Band of Brothers.”

The director of “Greyhound” is Aaron Schneider. The movie is filmed in Louisiana, and also features World War II ship USS Kidd. The movie will be released on 12th of June, 2020.