Too hot to handle: Green Light Watches

Too hot to handle: Green Light Watches

A green light in Lana’s region means different than the usual Go. So who is Lana and this green light signal from her? If you don’t know the answer to this you might want to do 2 things a) read this article to the very end and b) Watch the reality show on Netflix called Too Hot To Handle. This series features some of the most attractive, hottest and sexiest people coming from different parts of the world forming a deeper emotional connection other than a physical connection that means no kissing, no touching, no heavy petting and no sexual activities.

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In Too hot to handle the 10 attractive individuals find it hard to keep their pants on. Knowing this the show has kept a prize money of $100,000 dollars for their resilience. The first rule breakers on the show were Harry and Francesca.

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The two lovey dovey couple couldn’t keep up with the sexual tension between them so they ended up kissing each other which resulted in deduction of $3000 dollars from the prize money. This was just the start and rest everyone followed.

Having seen this green light watches were introduced that kept everyone in their places as well as allowing them to experience a form of physical activity with their partner as a reward. The green signal features a reward for the good behavior of the contestants. The reward allows the contestants to be indulged in a physical activity.

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So as long as the watch is lit green you may let loose! But this green light does not lit every now and then. The condition to getting it lit is when you form a deeper emotional connection with someone and that you are genuinely evolving as an individual who looks beyond sexual desires. The first blessing of this reward was given to Sharron and Rhonda as Sharron opened up to her about his emotions. They did take their reward’s worth! This reward and punishment experiment is found in human psychology and is working best for these individuals who fail to have consistent long term relationships. Encouraging them to keep their urges aside is something interesting to watch in the series.