Top Gun: Maverick Will Be Done in Time to make its original Release Date

Top Gun: Maverick Will Be Done in Time to make its original Release Date

Director Joseph Kosinski said the sequel of Top Gun: Maverick production work will be completed on its time and will release on its original release date. Numerous blockbuster movies that were supposed to release in 2020 including Top Gun: Maverick is pushed back due to worldwide coronavirus spread, because of coronavirus pandemic movie theaters are closed all around the world, and due to this lockdown, movie studios decided to delay their projects and rescheduled the release till December and some delayed to 2021.

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Due to the rescheduling of most movies release dates, Blockbuster movies which supposed to release in summers are shrinking and very few blockbuster films are left for the summers. Big movies like wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow pushed back till later in the year, and top fan-favorite movies like Fast & Furious 9 is delayed till the next year 2021,  nobody can tell when the theaters will open their gates and start running on full capacity. In that case, most movies that were released in summers including Top Gun 2 starring- Tom Cruise now releasing in December.

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Director Joseph Kosinski said that production is completed but still they need six months before it release. He also added that delaying its release is a good decision because Top Gun 2 is a movie that people want to see in the theater’s big screen.