Top Qualities and Habits of Successful Women

Top Qualities and Habits of Successful Women

Do you know that only 7 per cent of executive management positions in Fortune 100 companies, while only 5% are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies? Women have excelled in every field; they are entrepreneurs, sports athlete, entertainment celebrity, social media influencer and what not. Have you ever wondered how these women reached the point where they are today? There are some habits of successful women which make them stand out of the crowd.

Sometimes working hard is not enough instead working smart is more important. Habits define our personality. Habits become an addiction after some time and they are also known as neurological craving. They stimulate the pleasure chemicals of the brain and thus adopting healthy and beneficial habits can turn your life upside down. The routine and habits of successful women help us understand the edge they have on others.

Women are no less than men in fact research compared the target achievement by women and men, and women were 23% more successful in achieving their targets than men. If we look upon the habits and personality of successful women in history, they always had something that made them exceptional.

Habits and Qualities of Successful Women

There are some common habits that almost every successful woman has and here we will explain to you those habits so you can stop wasting your time and opt for something productive. You can call them their approach towards handling life and issues which become their habit later on.

1.   They don’t need approval!

Powerful women don’t need approval for their dreams and goals. Even when everyone stands against them, they know how to take a stand for themselves and beat the crowd. Successful women don’t give up on the basis of what people around them tell them. They listen to their inner voice and follow their dreams no matter what.

2.   They can say NO!

A successful woman is straightforward. Saying No might not be easy but it is necessary in some cases. They will never commit something they cannot fulfil. Whether it be in their relationships or something related to their work. They know that it’s ok to let down some people, and it is impossible to make everyone happy. They don’t get emotionally fooled and take their decision by making their progress, success and profit a top priority.

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3.   They have high ethical standards

Some people assume that success is related to aggression but this is not the case. Powerful and successful woman is very down to earth and they have high moral standards. They won’t cheat, they won’t lie, they won’t let down competitors on immoral grounds, they are not racist, they will help the deprived communities, they will support their employees and the list goes on. If you ever encounter a successful woman, you will notice that they have a sweet tongue, and impressive personality and they don’t think low of anyone.

4.   They don’t fear the failure

Successful women are risk-takers. They want to try again and again until they succeed. They never fear the failure; instead, they are ready to take the risk to give their dreams a try. Every successful woman in history had this habit in common, they never fear the outcome, and they learn from their failures and use their knowledge for the future. They don’t aim for perfection, instead, they aim for growth. Successful women think differently when it comes to failures or setbacks, they don’t want any of them, but they know how to handle them.

5.   They have a contingency plan for every possible outcome!

One of the common habits of successful women is that they never fear what is coming next; they plan for every worst possible outcome and have a plan for it. They don’t just fancy good results, higher profits, or successful launch, they are ready for everything.  You can never break their strength after a failure because they always have a Plan B.

6.   They back other women

Successful women are never mean. One of the famous successful women quotes is “Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of another successful woman who has her back”. The successful woman supports other woman and wants other women to come forward in every field of life. There is a list of female entrepreneurs around the world who prefer hiring female to give them an opportunity to grow. They mentor another woman who wants to pursue their dreams.

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7.   Excellent socializing skills

A successful woman is confident and is excellent with socializing with others. They love to arrange gatherings, are extrovert, have a large network of connections and friends. They bond with their coworkers, subordinates, bosses, friends and family. They know how to take care of their relationships and their personal life along with their work life. They have a healthy work-life balance.

8.   They believe in their will

No matter what, they dream of success and they are so sure that will get success. A successful woman has confidence in their self than anyone else. Self-believing is the key to success. Do you know J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers for her Harry Potter book and today millions of fan praise her novels and her movies? What if she had given up after getting rejected for 12 times? The world would never know the fabulous fantasy world Rowling had created.

9.   They are Happy!

Successful woman takes care of themselves, they workout, they exercise, they spend time with friends, they prioritize their family, they read books, they go to the spa, they work on their appearance, in short, they know how to take out “ME” time from their busy routine. They know that success is nothing without happiness, and success encompasses the inner peace and happiness factor in it.

10. Their Charisma is their Magic!!!

A common thing in successful woman is they all have different but charismatic personality. Operah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Jacinda Ardern, you take a name and notice that successful women –irrespective of their field- have a mesmerizing communication, body language, decision making, confidence, appearance etc. They figure out their uniqueness and work on polishing it. Smiling is a habit of successful women; they keep up their charismatic personality and keep smiling.

A list of Successful Woman with their Qualities and Habits!       

In this section we will discuss some famous and successful woman who has come a long way to get recognized around the world and their key habits which differentiate them from the herd.

Serena Williams (Sports Athlete)

Serena Williams, a famous tennis player who won 23 Grand Slam singles which is more than any other tennis player (male and female). She has got a powerful style to play with which she changed the tennis world for women. Her good habits include meditation, taking care of her (regular workout and good diet), a good wife and mother and a fighter. She says that she never gives up no matter what she fights till the end.

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Olivia Wilde (Actress and Producer)

Olivia Wilde is American and Irish producer and actress. She has been recognized for her work in House M.D. a famous television series.  Olivia’s good habits include daily workout, socializing with strangers, follows a thorough beauty routine. She is a true coffee lover and her best habit is that she gives a 100% to whatever she is doing. She says that when she is up to something whether it is her work life or personal life, she gives her best to the task in hand.

Taylor swift (Singer and Musician)

Taylor Swift is a famous American singer and in such young age she has made herself a brand worldwide. Taylor doesn’t need approval of anyone. She does what she thinks, she is her own mentor. Despite being in so many controversies she never gave up and never stopped. She speaks the truth no matter what and loves herself. She has a very good eating and workout routine.

Toni Morrison (Writer)

A noble prize winner writer definitely makes into our list of successful women. Toni Morrison is known for her wise tips. According to her, think that you don’t know anything; the purpose of this advice is to never stop learning. Among her many differentiating habits, one is not bragging about the work that is not done. Her other habit that makes her is that she take responsibility. Morrison doesn’t think positive people will complain or blame others for anything.

Sara Carter (Journalist)

Sara Carter is a famous journalist; she is working as an investigative reporter at Fox News. She owns her show as well. Sara handles her work life and personal life really well; she is a mom and wife of a war veteran. She has excellent communication skills and a charismatic personality.

Betsey Johnson (Fashion Designer)

Betsey Johnson is a American fashion designer known for her iconic pink stores. She stands out the crowd because of her rebellious yet fun personality. She started from scrap from a magazine job where she got her inspiration and switched from art to fabric designing in her bachelor’s degree. She started designing tops and never compromised on quality. She has excellent socializing skills, she has charisma, takes bold decisions on her own. She loves doing research work, puzzles, and she has developed a highly creative insight to solving problems.

Sheryl Sandberg (CEO Facebook)

CEO at world’s largest social media platform Facebook is the 7th most powerful woman in the world. She is known for her intelligence, decision making, social nature and a successful woman. She has a habit of going an extra mile to provide help and encouragement to women to help them pursuing their dreams. She has excellent leadership skills that made her way to the list of most powerful woman. Her Ted talk had 7 million viewers. She can take credit of Facebook profitability with her techniques and decisions. She has helped the small businesses and placing their ads on Facebook which increased revenue of Facebook tremendously.

Oprah Winfrey (Host, Producer and Philanthropist)

Oprah Winfrey is an American host, actress, producer, and media executive. Oprah is among the most influential women in America. She has a habit of waking up early and starting her day with exercise. She has a habit of managing her own finances, whether it be an electricity bill or a cheque of $200k, she holds control on her life and finances. Oprah spends a lot of time and money on welfare of deprived communities. She meditates often for her inner peace and mental health. Despite of having a dark past, she never let her failures or fear overcome her dreams and goals.

Gina Rinehart (Female Entrepreneur)

Gina Rinehart is an Australian billionaire and an important entry in the list of female entrepreneurs. She is chairman of a mineral extraction and exploration company named Hancock Prospecting. Rinehart never gives up, with her strong personality and self-confidence; she dragged her bankrupt business to become an $18 billion company. She has a habit of reading daily; she is consistent, doesn’t smoke or drink, she works hard and gets what she wants. She got the business in inheritance but she took responsibility of the failures, took risks and became a magnate.

Alex Morgan (American Soccer Player)

Alexandra Morgan is famous American soccer player. She has made it a habit to get enough sleep and eating healthy. Morgan says failing a few times doesn’t mean you will always fail. She shares a beautiful relationship with her husband and meditates daily in the morning.

We have discussed common habits and qualities of successful woman in detail. Habits when practiced daily become your quality, and we want you to develop such qualities to win the world. Try to start with one habit a time and gradually add another one in your routine. Stop doing unproductive tasks and habits. Love yourself and inspire others. How many of the above habits you possess? Let us know in the comments!