Traits of Toxic People – Identify and Let go!!

Traits of Toxic People – Identify and Let go!!

Toxic people just seem to lack some basic etiquette and empathy that a normal person should have. Traits of toxic people are easy to point out but if you keep your eyes open and not get affected by what they say. They will not leave a chance to make you feel bad, ugly, inferior, or unsuccessful. They seem to find happiness from creating anarchy and controlling other’s life. They don’t literally control your life by giving orders; instead, they control your mind, exploit your weaknesses, remind you of painful experiences and thus lead you to stress out.  They don’t just make you miserable, they indirectly affect your mental and physical health as well.

There is common saying that your personality is defined by the people that you are mostly around. So let go of toxic people by identifying their traits as given below.

1.  They Blame You for Everything

Toxic people will blame you for all the negative things that are going on in your life and will make you feel bad. They judge you for everything which deteriorates your self-confidence.

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2.  Talk behind your Back

Among other traits of toxic people, the most common is gossiping. A toxic person is always seen talking behind your back, laughing on your helplessness, and spilling out your secrets. They find happiness in discussing other people’s misfortunes.

3.  Self-Centered

Toxic people don’t like it when you hand around with other people. They make you so lonely and dependent on them that you will start feeling depressed. Let go of them and hang out with plenty of positive people out there.

4.  Jealous and Envious

A trait of toxic people includes jealousy and envious nature. They don’t derive satisfaction and happiness from within and all the positive things in their life don’t matter to them, because they will still feel jealous and bad for the good things in your life. You can easily identify this by their reactions and comments on the things and relationships that make you happy.

5.  They exploit you!

Toxic people know how to play with your mind. If you ever had a toxic relationship in your life, you should look back and you will notice that you kept giving and giving and giving to make them happy but they did nothing for you. Instead, they use your weaknesses to exploit you for some hidden agenda, or maybe for their inner peace.

6.  They never apologize!

The people who care for you will apologize to you because they want to hold onto you. But the toxic people will not apologize even when they are wrong. Instead, they will expect an apology from you.

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7.  Sarcasm and Criticism

It is a known fact that if someone is criticizing and gossiping about someone else in front of you, they will do the same talking behind your back when they are with other people.  They criticize other people including you and will hurt your feelings with their sarcastic nature. They will even make you doubt your decisions and relationships.

8.  They claim themselves to be a Victim!

Toxic people always find themselves victim to anything that happens in their life. If they don’t exercise, they will blame their work. If they are late, they blame their spouse for not setting alarm, if they forget something important at home, they will blame others for not reminding them. They don’t take responsibility.

9.  They will emotionally drain you

After meeting toxic people, you will always find yourself emotionally drained. Your mind is filled with so many questions, and thoughts and you feel stressed about everything in your life. They crush your soul if you let them do it.

10.  Liars

One of the most negative traits of toxic people is that they lie and exaggerate. They will do anything to make you believe in something you don’t want to. They will lie about their feelings, your decisions, your life, and accomplishments to make you feel bad.


Toxic people are like dementors from Harry Potter, they will suck your soul, your confidence, your emotions, and your happiness from your body. The traits of toxic people will change your personality if you let them do it. We suggest you let go of toxic people in your life, as you get life just once and you don’t need negativity and negative people in your precious life.