Under Starry Nights by T.Ledger

Under Starry Nights by T.Ledger

T. Ledger aka Trevellyn Arthur Head is an up-and-coming artist who has been giving his best to the online music platform for the past three years. He proudly claims to have released 20+ successful albums in these past 3 years. Each song of his has been a hit and this has motivated him to keep grinding. In this review, we will be shedding light on T. Ledger’s latest album Under Starry Nights, and his three new solo tracks (Galaga, Mars Bar, and Android).


Overall, the album gives a refreshing vibe. It explores different themes and aspects of life that trigger the devastating moments. The song explains situations better than anything we’ve heard before. If you concentrate on the lyrics, the artist amazingly links his pitch to the context of the lyrics. This is something only the artist that is fully involved in the songs can perform well. T. Ledger has put his heart and soul into the album which can be reflected via the perfectly put lyrics, background music, and vocals.

The album starts with the song Under Starry Nights, which is about an artwork, its background, and its value. The songs brilliantly remind us of what we love and how life shapes us into despising them. It’s as if T. Ledger imbued this one track with painful memories from his past, and it’s the perfect way to kick off the album.

Cake, the album’s second tune, is a rock and pop melody in which the performer simply goes with the flow and delivers the words wonderfully. It focuses on times in the artist’s life to which the audience may identify and appreciate.

The Art track is for people who have a real and metaphorical connection to arts and crafts. Unlike the previous two songs, which featured energetic background music, this song’s music had a relaxing effect that went well with the amazing words. The song was so perfectly personified that it felt as though Louis was discussing the many scenarios to which musicians might connect. The later section features Arya’s words, which contribute to the song’s magnificence.

Apartment of my Dreams and Crying about Crimes are the next two tracks and they complement each other pretty well. T. Ledger pitches in the idea of his dream apartment where he pictures himself with his dream girl while he talks about the concept of first love and his wife in the latter track. The transition from one song to another can be felt in the change of music and his tone which is perfectly done by the singer. Another beautiful thing to notice here is that, unlike his other songs, T. Ledger chooses different background music to complement the pain he is trying to deliver. Such renditions completely captivate the listener and make them feel for the artist. That’s what makes an artist successful in what he creates. The following lyrics from Crying about Crimes perfectly sum up the song:

Dreams of the wife,

I practically had,

Went another way,

Forget what we had.

Shadowmere is a treat for Skyrim lovers. DOVAHKIIN! (Translated as Dragonborn). I have played Skyrim and hearing this song took me back to the days when I used to play this game for hours. The song is about the adventures of Dragonborn (the main character) and his horse Shadowmere and their adventures across the Skyrim video game. It kind of summarises the entire gameplay of the popular video game. It is perfectly pulled off by T. Ledger with cool and lively music that will keep one humming to it. One of the great additions to the album.

7 Weeks without a Mix and Always Name you Files are the last two tracks of the album that give a perfect impression of how the music and context have evolved throughout the album. T. Ledger experimented with a different music style in the last two songs dedicating each song with a unique background score. It seems like T. Ledger has invested most of the time in these songs, not because of their lengths but also because of how perfect and appealing they sound. T. Ledger has sung it with such passion and enthusiasm that one can’t resist but sing along with the artist and feel through the lyrics. There can be a better culmination to the 8 song collection than the last two tracks of the album.


Besides the album, T. Ledger has released three amazing tracks separately on Soundcloud. Each one of them is worth appreciating since they are on my daily playlist.

Out of the three Mars Bar, is my most loved song. The song’s rhythm is what grabs the listener. This is something that T. Ledger has tried for the first time. He added a rap element to his song, and it came out rather good. The artist’s ability to flow with the beat and music is incredible. It could not have gone any better. The repeating of “Supersonic, I got this tonic…” adds a type of climax to the song’s core premise. His emphasis on these sentences heightens the impact of the ending.

The other two songs, Android and Galaga, are similar to the tracks T. Ledger has been executing and we love what he does. The powerful lyrics delivered with the narrow voice and creative background lyrics adding further to the glamour of the song is what T. Ledger bests at and he perfects it in these two songs as well.

The album, Under Starry Nights, by T. Ledger, is now available on Spotify. Meanwhile, you can hear his solo ventures on Soundcloud.