V for V!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO – Why you should add it to your playlist!

V for V!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO – Why you should add it to your playlist!

If you love rap music, you definitely need to check out V!n$ynT’s new album V for V!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO. V!n$ynT’s new rap album features 11 amazing tracks, each with a piece of distinct background music and lyrics. Although the theme of the song is somewhat related, the individual songs in this album are very different, so it doesn’t seem like an extension of one song, much like other rap albums.

The album falls under the genre of rap and electric music, but it is much more than that. It has bits of rock music as well as some very unique background tunes. So, it is quite difficult to pin down the exact genre, but rap music is a good enough guess. But don’t be fooled, it’s not one of those rap albums where the blaring music drones out everything the singer is rapping. Although the background music in every song is different, the singer has still managed to compose something that perfectly complements the lyrics.

The tunes of some songs are more alternate than electric, whereas others are rock. V!n$ynT has kept the songs deliberately short which is a good thing because nobody likes long, monotonous rap songs that seem to go on forever. So, when it comes to the music, it is safe to say that there are certainly no repetitions and you won’t be bored listening to all 11 songs in this album.

Another thing that we absolutely love about this album is the names of the songs. V!n$ynT has followed a very aesthetic theme when it comes to this album. The names of all tracks start E followed by the serial number of the track. For example, the first track is called “1. S2 E1: Different Levels, Different Devils”. 2

And you can probably guess, the track is every bit as spectacular as its name. It starts with a bit of an inspirational kinda pep talk. The part “every conversation is a guided meditation” strongly resonated with us. It focuses our attention on the fact that the people we socialize with can have a huge impact on our overall well-being. If our conversation topics are positive, we would surely feel the negative energy draining away. And that’s only like the first line of the first song.

So, you see, this album is much more than rap. It has got layers and layers of wisdom rapped into an upbeat song. It certainly seems that the basic theme of this album is to upgrade yourself, whether it is getting some money, banishing negative thoughts, or whatever way you want to upgrade your life. Coming to the next song, “The Sad Magician” takes on a completely different style of rap, which suits us perfectly because who wants to listen to the same style over and over?

We know that we certainly don’t.

This track is like a personal mantra. The repetition of the same lines just serves to motivate you to break out of your average joe lifestyle and prosper a little in your life. “Time to get healthy, time to get wealthy” has got to be our favorite line from the song. It just makes you feel the insane urge to get your life in order and take better care of yourself.

 This is what makes this album so interesting; it has a mix of some very different elements. It has rap, but not about girls and drugs and sex, instead the theme of the album is inspiration and upgrading. So, this is definitely an excellent album to play while you are going to work, or when you are feeling down due to lack of opportunities or virtually anything in between. And we can say with utmost clarity that this song will give you a much-needed dose of confidence, self-assurance, and inspiration.

We have to say that we are pleasantly surprised by the layers and layers in this song. There is a certain depth in the lyrics and that feeling can’t be feigned. It’s true and genuine and you just know that the singer is honestly singing his heart out. But this shouldn’t be surprising considering V!n$ynT’s previous songs and albums. The artist has surely given us one after another amazing song. Levitate and Opposites Attract are two of our favorite songs by this artist and both are available on Spotify, so after you are done with this album, do check them out as well.

V for V!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO is now available on all major streaming platforms so you should definitely check this out for inspiration, or even to uplift your mood.

About the Artist

Born in a crime-riddled town in Washington DC, V!n$ynT had a very tough time growing up. Drugs and crime were the norms, however, he didn’t allow himself to indulge in such things. Instead, he took inspiration from his childhood and focused on getting the necessary survival and adaptability skills. To cope with the horrors of his life, he indulged himself in music as a way to inspire other people going through the same troubles. V!n$ynT started his career way back in 2016 and released a phenomenal album comprising of 22 tracks. The album was quite popular with his little cult following. Featuring elements such as poetry, understanding, truths, and culture, this album had a certain sense of wisdom and depth which is not common in other rap albums.

Following that album, he decided to change his stage name to V!n$ynT before releasing another album titled “Social Vandalism”. Although some people were expecting him to change his style after his metamorphosis, V!n$ynT retained the elements that made his tracks so impressive: the values, the vibe, and the wisdom.

His recent album V for V!n$ynT: S3ASON 2WO is also inspired by his life. The time he grew up in a crime-riddled town and how he survived that all that negative influence. If you understand his background, the lyrics just hit you with immediate clarity.

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