Vin Diesel Age, Networth, Movies and facts

Vin Diesel Age, Networth, Movies and facts

Vin Diesel age 54 was born on July 18, 1967, in Alameda County, California. Vin Diesel and his twin brother (though not identical) Paul were raised by their mother Delora and their stepfather, Irving H. Vincent. Vincent was a school drama teacher and he became the source of inspiration for the twins. Their biological father left them before they were born. His birth name was Mark Sinclair but after his mother got married, he was adopted by his stepfather and took his last name, Vincent. Vin Diesel height is around 1.82m. His weight is around 102 kg. Vin diesel twin brother is a film producer.

Vin Diesel age was 7 when he worked in his first play. He wanted to be a movie star since his childhood.

Vin Diesel age was 26 when he created movie Multi-Facial which was appreciated and was shown in Cannes Festival 1995. The movie had a budget of $3000 and was shot in three days. Vin Diesel net worth is $200 million.

His second film was, Strays, and it also made it to Cannes and got the attention of Hollywood director Steven Spielberg to cast him in Saving Private Ryan.

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The movie Vin Diesel became best known for was The Fast and the Furious in 2001.

Vin Diesel Girlfriends

In 2000, Vin Diesel is rumoured to have flings with Carmen Electra and Myla Sinanaj, Summer Altice, and Chanel Ryan. He dated Samantha Phillips for two years 1998 – 1999, Michelle Rodriguez in 2001, Karrine Steffans (2001 – 2002), Asia Argento (2002), Shannon Malone (2004), and Maria Menounos (2006). He is also rumoured to date Elisa Jordana, Layla Roberts and Michelle Ruben.

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez are together since 2007. They have three kids together. Some people believe that Jiménez is Vin Diesel wife, but there has been no official confirmation.

Vin Diesel Children

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jiménez have three children together named Pauline Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair, Hania Riley Sinclair. His daughter Pauline is named after his friend Paul Walker. Vin Diesel age was 41 when he became a father for the first time.


He won MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo two times for Fast and Furious, Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Ensemble Cast Performance for Saving Private Ryan.

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Here are some fun facts you might know about Vin Diesel

  1. He looks tough but he is very soft-hearted.
  2. His favourite colours are white, blue, black and red.
  3. He loves Italian food.
  4. He is a football fan.
  5. He never watched TV shows instead he loved movies.
  6. He watched On the Waterfront (1954) at least 100 times.
  7. He is scared of roller coasters.
  8. He never met his biological father.
  9. His mom was very diet conscious and gave her boys healthy food. She never let them drink soda and white bread.
  10. Vin Diesel age was 3 when he was about to join a circus but his mother stopped him.
  11. He said that he wanted to be an actor or a superhero in his childhood.
  12. His mom gifted him a book titled Feature Films at Used Car Prices, which had tips of filmmaking.
  13. Vin Diesel age was 15 when he became the centre of attraction due to his amazing and manly voice.
  14. He has a private gym in his house.
  15. He loves to do martial arts.
  16. He was awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013.
  17. He was and is a very caring big brother. He even changed the diapers of his siblings.
  18. His mother doesn’t know his biological father ancestry because of short-termed relationship.
  19. He loved
  20. In his teenage, he was part of a film that had a guide of breakdancing for kids.
  21. He plays the voice of Groot, a large tree-like creature, in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  22. His son calls the trees his brothers and sisters because of his Groot character. He even suggested that he should play the role of Groot before even knowing he was offered a role.
  23. He was considered for the role of Daredevil but Ben Affleck got it.
  24. He is a big fan of Dungeons and Dragons.
  25. He dropped out of college for his movie career.
  26. Vin Diesel worked for 10 years as a bouncer at a bar while auditioning for movies.
  27. His cousin is a rapper named Kwame. Vin Diesel has worked as an extra in his videos.
  28. He got involved in around 500 fights during his job as a bouncer.
  29. He wanted to live in LA, but he couldn’t find any job except for a telemarketer.
  30. He believes trilogy movies always work.
  31. He played the role of Richard B. Riddick in three different movies titled Riddick, Pitch Black, and The Chronicles of Riddick.
  32. He became addicted to smoking to cope up the work stress.
  33. He was given two scripts of FF6, but he refused because they were not good enough so he was offered to be a producer for the same movie which he accepted.
  34. He started a video game company titled Tigon Studios.
  35. He gained almost 16kg to play the role of Fat Jacky in Find Me Guilty.
  36. He turned down $20 million for a movie because he didn’t want to work in it.

Top IMDB rated Vin Diesel Movies

Some of the best IMDB rated Vin Diesel Movies are

  1. Saving Private Ryan (8.6, 1998)
  2. Avengers: Endgame (8.4, 2019)
  3. Avengers: Infinity War (8.4, 2018)
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy (8.0, 2014)
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (7.6, 2017)
  6. Fast Five (7.3, 2011)
  7. Furious 7 (7.1, 2015)
  8. Ralph Breaks the Internet (7.1, 2018)
  9. Fast & Furious 6 (7.1, 2013)
  10. Pitch Black (7.1, 2000)
  11. Boiler Room (7.0, 2000)
  12. Find Me Guilty (7.0, 2006)
  13. The Fate of the Furious (6.7, 2017)
  14. The Chronicles of Riddick (6.7, 2004)
  15. The Fast and the Furious (6.8, 2001)

Worst IMDB rated movies

Here is a list of lowest IMDB rated movies with Vin Diesel

  1. xXx: Return of Xander Cage (5.2, 2017)
  2. The Pacifier (5.6, 2005)
  3. xXx (5.9, 2002)
  4. The Last Witch Hunter (6.0, 2015)
  5. The Fast and the Furious (6.0, 2006)
  6. Knockaround Guys (6.1, 2001)
  7. A Man Apart (6.1, 2003)
  8. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (6.2, 2016)
  9. Riddick (6.4, 2013)
  10. Fast & Furious (6.6, 2009)

Top characters

Some of the best characters played by Vin Diesel are

  1. Dominic Toretto – Fast & Furious
  2. Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Riddick – Riddick
  4. Jackie DiNorscio- Find Me Guilty
  5. Sean Vetter – A Man Apart
  6. The Iron Giant (voice over) – The Incredible
  7. Private Adrian Caparzo- Saving Private Ryan
  8. Xander Cage- XXX
  9. Shane Wolfe- The Pacifier
  10. Taylor Reese- The Knockaround Guys

Upcoming movies

The upcoming movies with Vin Diesel are F9 (2021), Fast & Furious 10 (2022), and Avatar 2 (2021).