VIN DIESEL: Thor Love And Thunder will Include The Guardians of the Galaxy

VIN DIESEL: Thor Love And Thunder will Include The Guardians of the Galaxy

Vin Diesel, Fast and Furious actor has said something that might get him in serious trouble with Marvel Studios because he has dropped the biggest news regarding upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder! Vin Diesel who voices Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy has confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Vin Diesel’s upcoming movie is Bloodshot and he is promoting his movie.  While giving an interview he wished James Gunn best of luck for his movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol: 3, he told that his director has told him that Thor will incorporate characters from Guardians of the galaxy. He said that this incorporation will be very interesting.

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Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to be a huge and busy movie. Thor’s interaction with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters is expected to be short as Thor movie focuses mainly on Thor. It is however not clear whether the God of Thunder (Thor) will appear in Gunn’s next movie. Whatever the scenario will be, Marvel has to match the plots with Avengers Endgame ending. Vin Diesel realized what he has done by immediately saying that may be he shouldn’t have said anything.

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When asked about Vin Diesel as Groot, he said that he will explain character of Groot in two words for the upcoming movie that is “Alpha Groot”. It might indicate that Groot will take over leadership of the group. Gunn’s interviews has indicated that this time Groot’s family, specie, origin will be explained.

Thor: Love and Thunder will release on 5th of November, 2021.

Vin Diesel is among one of the most loved actors especially due to his role in Fast and Furious movies. His real name is Mark Sinclair, he was born on July 18, 1967. Unbelievably, he worked as a bouncer in a night club and today Vin Diesel’s net worth is above $200 million. Vin Diesel is married to Paloma Jimenez and they share three children.

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