Lucas hedges: Here are some interesting facts about him.

Lucas hedges: Here are some interesting facts about him.

Lucas Hedges have been known for his outstanding performance in American drama Manchester By The Sea, but the young actor has quite fascinating facts about his life that you might want to know.

Lucas Hedges first role although cut off from the film was in Dan In Real Life (made by his father, Peter Hedges).

His father is famous director Peter Hedges

Peter Hedges father of Lucas Hedges is a famous Oscar-nominated director who is famous for his work. He was recognized by his movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993).The movie was adaptation of the drama and novel (1991) of same name. Leonardo DiCaprio Arnie and the movie got nominated for both Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. His other noticeable work includes About A Boy and family drama Ben is Back (which also starred Lucas).

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Hedges first Role

Hedges first role was as an extra in Dan in Real Life which was directed by his father. And his scene was cut during the final editing. Thanks to Dad!

Hedges’ first dramatic role was technically in the Steve Carrell comedy, Dan in Real Life, which his father directed. He was featured in only one scene, and it was unfortunately cut out from the final draft. Thanks, dad.

He got introduced to Director Jonah Hill by Beanie Feldstein

He was casted in the movie Mid90s (2018) made by Director Jonah Hill. He is elder brother of Feldstein and she introduced him to Lucas Hedges when they were working together in Lady Bird.

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Lucas Grandfather was former vice President of HBO

Lucas Hedges both maternal and paternal grandparents were related to entertainment industry including theatres, direction and writing. His grandfather was former vice president of HBO.

Lucas is a college dropout

In the beginning of his movie career, Hedges was dropped out of the University of North Carolina.

Lucas Confession

Lucas in an interview confessed that he did not want to do acting as it was his passion or so on. He wanted this profession as he wanted to lead a luxurious and wonderful life.

Lucas has upcoming projects

Lucas has many upcoming TV and Film projects. He will play Malcolm Price in French Exit. Hedges will star against Meryl steep in an upcoming comedy. And finally, the young actor is starring in Platform, an anthology series.  Let us see what more of his shades we will see.