Warner Bros Reconsidering Theatrical Release Model due to coronavirus

Warner Bros Reconsidering Theatrical Release Model due to coronavirus

Since Mid-March coronavirus spread drastically all over the world, all small and business are closed due to lockdown and it also gives a major impact on the entertainment industry. Many upcoming movies delayed their release, studios stopped the production process, worldwide movie theaters also closed their gates, but few are hoping to reopen in July. But at this moment it’s unpredictable how long this pandemic will and when all the things get on a normal track. Warner Bros. also considering reassessing its theatrical release model.

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When coronavirus breakout in the USA, many states starting lockdown and issue orders to stay-at-home also encouraging social distancing, some studios took the decision to instead of release in theaters they choose to release on digital and streaming, the first who took this decision were Universal and Disney studios, who recently release Trolls World Tour on stream, and get some success and make $50 million in VOD sales. As in the near future, there is no chance to reopen theaters, many studios considering releasing movies on digital and streaming.

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Warner Bros

WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max officially set to release on May 27. It is a perfect time to release a new streaming service for those who are quarantined at homes.  WarnerMedia’s new streaming service will offer 10,000 hours of programming for subscribers at a monthly price of $14.99, with a wide variety of original shows and film content, including complete seasons of Friends and The Big Bang theory. The company also changed its 8 major upcoming movie release dates due to COVID-19, Including the Sopranos prequel film, Shazam 2, The Flash, and The batman.

Due to coronavirus, many companies think to reconsider their business plans, Warner Bros. also taking the step to start HBO Max and also looking in the long-run how the coronavirus will impact the entertainment industry. HBO Max is a great option in this pandemic situation and it will be beneficial for the Warner Bros. also they are releasing animated movie Scoob on streaming and premiere on-demand on its May 2020 original theatrical release date. Universal and Disney did get found some success in their first release so it will be work for them as well.