Warner Bros Joker is ready to hit the theatres on Oct. 4 & everyone’s being extra precautious

Warner Bros Joker is ready to hit the theatres on Oct. 4 & everyone’s being extra precautious

Over fifty movie theatres are taking extra precautions as the premiere of Warner Bros’ upcoming movie Joker nears. America’s largest chain of cinema, Landmark, is introducing the ban of Joker make-overs like masks, face painting, hair-dying, all sorts of costumes and toy guns, while the Warner Bros’ movie Joker is up. The Warner Bros’ movie Joker, is going to screen across the world on the 4th of October and it is estimated to make over $80 Million during the first weekend, domestically.

Starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a man that is lonely because he has been made an outcast by the society due to a disorder in his personality – this thriller that revolves around the erratic (to say the least) behavior of a person due to his twisted psychology and eventually turns him into a murderer, a crazy villain in DC Comics, has made people to raise concerns about its real-life implications of gun violence and other sadistic scenes. 

On being asked by The Hollywood Reporter as to what motivated him to make such a ban, the President-CEO of Landmark theatres responded by saying, “I want customers to be comfortable in their surroundings”. Over 50 theatres are owned by Landmark across the country.

Ever since the midnight shooting in 2012 in Aurora Colorado during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises, cinemas all around the country have strictly prohibited for people or the employees to wear masks or face paint or carry toy guns. There has been a slight relaxation as far as costumes are concerned.

Letters to Warner Bros were written by the families of the victims of Aurora Midnight shooting while The Dark Knight Rises was being screened, regarding the potential implications of the gun violence scenes in the movie. These people who wrote the letters were not trying to stop the movie from releasing, they were asking from Warner Bros to analyze these potential implications so nothing unfateful happens due to this movie. To read more on this story, check the whole article out here.

The National Association of Theatre Owners has not been alerted by the FBI as yet as far as any threats are concerned about the movie Joker’s premiere in the theatres.

On Thursday a statement was released by Regal Cinemas, which said that they don’t believe that the content or the existence of any movie is a cause or a signal for violence. However, even though they don’t comment on security protocols that are implemented by their theatres at any time, patron and employee safety is their priority and biggest concern. With NATO’s collaboration, they are in regular contact with the law enforcement throughout the year in order to ensure security is at its best at all times.

Some time in the beginning if this week AMC also made as statement to let people know that they are allowing costumes but no one is allowed to come to watch the movie wearing a mask, or face paint, basically any or everything that hides their face. Carrying of toy guns has also been banned at AMC. Their point was that their guests should not feel uncomfortable at any time while the movie is being shown.

The movie Joker made its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival and was very well received by the critics. They are not expecting for the movie to make some real business as they are banking on Joaquin Phoenix’s performance, which we are sure, is going to be amazing!

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