Wedding Dress – A Guide to Find Budget-Friendly attire!

Wedding Dress – A Guide to Find Budget-Friendly attire!

A wedding dress is a dream comes true for every girl when it comes to their big day. The day they say “Yes” to a proposal, they start imagining themselves in white wedding attire saying “I do”. However bridal dresses can take a big bite of your wedding budget if you don’t plan and strategize on how to find a cheap or you can say budget-friendly wedding dress. If you want to spend less and still look amazing on your big day this article is for your guidance.

1.         Look for Annual Sales

Many bridal stores go for an online sale annually. You can find top wedding dresses and gown on even half the original price. To get what you need in these sales, you have to pick the right time to visit the store and they get really crowded during the sales. Another tip is to wear a tight suit (maybe a swimsuit), so you can try on bridal dresses even if the fitting room is not available. You have to work hard to get what you want from these sales. But this will save you a hell of money.

2.         Used Dress can be an Option

Before cringing on to the idea of the used dress, but we suggest you try consignment shops. These shops have used items but they only accept that item which is in the perfect quality and shape. They don’t even accept a minor defect and thus you can get a top-notch wedding dress that might be used just once and save a fortune. Though the option is budget-friendly you have to be very alert when doing the shopping. Look for the dress entirely and completely for any marks, defect, stain, or wrinkles. Also, make sure you buy the dress way lesser than the original price of the dress (maximum 50% price of the original one).

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3. Don’t just rely on Bridal Stores

As a matter of fact, bridal stores are way expensive and you don’t have to buy a 5 ft. fishtail gown on your wedding. There are plenty of clothing lines or stores which offer white dresses, which are very beautiful and suitable for any occasion including weddings. You can buy a beautiful dress from any such shop and no one will ever figure out. Abandoning weddings stores will help you save a lot of money which you can spend on your honeymoon or vacations afterwards.

4. Go for Online Shopping

As shopping online is becoming a trend in this modern world, search for suitable and reasonable options from the internet. You can have an idea of what kind of dress you want for your wedding. Try to book a dress month prior to the wedding to avoid any nuisance.

5. Borrow one!

If Princess Beatrice can borrow her wedding dress from her grandmother, why can’t you? You can borrow a wedding dress from your cousin, sister, mother, friend or your grandmother. Mostly women wear wedding gown on their wedding gown and store them to never see them again. Why not wear one of those gowns and be kind to your pocket. Find someone of your built, or take their permission to borrow and alter the dress.

Hope this article will help you find the perfect yet budget-friendly wedding dress. Don’t rely on the beauty and quality of the dress you will wear on your special day, the memories of the day stay forever.