What is Blackout Tuesday? Everything You Need to Know About This Day

What is Blackout Tuesday? Everything You Need to Know About This Day

Today, Tuesday, June 2, is Blackout Tuesday. This day is promised to be promoted by several activists to stand with the Black community and to bring about the policy changes for equality of all races residing in the U.S. The movement stands against the police brutality against the blacks. The movement has spread like a wildfire on social media where actors like Quincy Jones, Mick Jagger, Rihanna, Drake, Kylie Jenner among many others stand solid for awareness of this day and honoring George Floyd.

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Blackout Tuesday and Social Media

Blackout Tuesday movement has spread on all social network sites, as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The movement is basically to create awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, and to free up space and time lines for today to create awareness about BLM movement. The idea is to post black background square pictures with a hashtag of Blackout Tuesday.

Blackout Tuesday and Black Lives Matter Hashtag

A very important snippet not to miss today is, not to use hashtag black lives matter, or BLM for Blackout Tuesday posts. This is very critical for the movement because the purpose of the Blackout Tuesday is to aware people of the importance of movement going on in the U.S. Blackout when you use hashtag Black lives matter under the Blackout Tuesday overlooks critical information that gets suppressed. If a person for example wants to know about the Black Lives matter movement, and searches for it, all he will get is a black background picture which don’t serve the purpose.

Streaming Services Participation in Blackout Tuesday

Top streaming services for example Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and YouTube have announced their support for Blackout Tuesday. The streaming services have devised special playlists, moments of silence, honoring black singers and their songs, and social media blackouts.

Spotify has decided to add 8 minutes and 46 second moment of silence on its platform. The time is equivalent to the time Derek Chauvin (Minneapolis Police officer) pinned George Floyd down by the neck with his knee that led to Floyd’s death. Similarly Apple Music’s has cancelled  regular beats 1 radio programming. Apple music is celebrating the music that is produced by black artists to honor them. The recommendation section on Apple music shows only one list “For Us, By Us”. Though the store can be used normally as well. can still access their music libraries and Apple Music catalog as normal.

Amazon music has shown their support by pausing all the social media for the streaming service for one day to create awareness about the day. Amazon music also announced to donate $1 million for the cause of policing equally.

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