What to do when you want to give up?

What to do when you want to give up?

My friend. I don’t know what you are going through right now but giving up isn’t the solution to your problems. And if you still want to give up so let me atleast motivate you for one last time and assure you that you can indeed become whatever you want to become in order to be successful .

These past few days, I was wondering that why we humans tend to give up so easily? Why do we want to put a full stop on our dreams? Why our goals seem to far to accomplish? Aren’t our dreams important for us? Or have we made peace with the idea that we will never reach our goals?

So thinking about all the things above here I am trying my best to help you find your quest. If you are the one who is waiting to give up, post a comment below and let’s talk. But the first thing I want you to do is read the whole article it will not take your whole day so take some time out and read. Maybe this article will help you change your mind.

Your dreams and Goals are Important. You are Important:

What do we mostly want in our life? To live a life full of happiness, to be successful in what we dream to do, to be at peace. Right?

If you have big dreams and goals you have to wake yourself up to the reality that these things won’t come easily. You have to work hard and play smart until you achieve what you want.

I gave up so many times in my life. We all do because it’s the easiest thing to do. Right? We, human begins want to get things done immediately but unfortunately, the reality is far from it. Life is difficult and we have to accept that.

Through some bad and good experiences in life, I have learned that if I want to be successful I have to stay focused, work hard no matter what and overcome whatever society tells me otherwise. This is my commitment to me that I will not give up on my dreams I will not give up on my goals. It will take time to reach there, Yes. But Iam sure it will all be worth the hussle.

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Change yourself and change your Thought Process:

In 2019, I took a decision that I will change myself because I was feeling that I am not walking into the right direction and that I have to work on myself, I have to let go of my past, I have to let go of my bad habits and when I took this decision I started my journey towards happiness and success.

It’s really important to work on yourself, work on your thought processes and adopt good habits. If you are not willing to change yourself, you will reach nowhere. Infact you will remain stagnant and we all know that even a stagnant water only causes fungus, bacteria and viruses.

I am not saying that do immediate changes I know that it takes time. Its work in progress even if you reach at the pinnacle of success. You should always have the will and motivation to keep on working on yourself to become more better and successful person than tomorrow. Thats what life is all about, a learning curve.

Take a deep breath and see what changes you need to do. Plan small goals and start working on them, take baby steps.

Free your mind from past and negativity, don’t think about the bad things that people did to you just forgive them. Let go of the past and move on. Your mind is the breeding ground to happy and peaceful thoughts, it is your mind that controls everything. If you think it’s not true so give it a try and start thinking positive after few days you will see amazing changes in you.

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The Urge to Quit:

Every businessman has felt it, every soldier has felt it, every champion has felt it, every king has felt it and every sportsperson has felt the urge to quit. Just do not give up on your dreams.

I don’t care if you don’t have friends, I don’t care if you don’t have money, I don’t care if you don’t have strength, I don’t care if there is no one to help you, don’t want you to give up on your dreams don’t you do it.

Maybe in life, things go wrong and it will take time to reach where you want to reach. But don’t quit because you are almost there, you are halfway down because if you quit, you will get nothing, you will lose everything and you have to start again from the scratch.

I don’t want this for you because I believe in you. You will make a difference. Maybe you are feeling weak and tired, maybe you are done. I force you to just do the best you can, keep the hope alive in you and dont let failures decide your fate.

I know what you need “HOPE” so here is the story of Howard Schultz owner of Starbucks. Must listen to his speech and then ask yourself why are you making excuses.

Have faith in you:

I would be lying if I say I haven’t had my share of difficulties in life, that I haven’t seen dark days, that I haven’t lost money, lost friends and haven’t tried my luck in doing two businesses, in which i not only experienced financial loss but also faced criticism and lost a lot of courage. Even though having gone through all of that I still believe that they came and they pass because they came to pass. Call me stubborn but still Iam here and Iam here to win at the end.

My faith in God’s plan keeps my afloat. My faith in myself makes me strong. My faith in my dream is the reason why I wake-up everyday with the motivation to make this day better than the day that has passed.

Faith is a very important key in our lives that makes us strong and pushes us to make changes happen. When you have faith in things that matter to you, you can achieve anything that you dream of.

Always remember where ever you are whatever you are doing just never lose faith. If you lose your job keep the faith, If you don’t have money keep the faith, if nobody is helping you keep the faith, if you are broke keep the faith, if you are feeling tired keep the faith, if you are sick keep the faith.

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You have come too far to Quit:

Make a commitment to yourself, that you will stay positive, that no matter what happens loosing faith and putting a stop to what you are doing is never going to be the answer.

Don’t listen to people. Don’t care if they don’t understand you. Believe in dreams and stay focused. Most people say bad things on purpose because they don’t want you to be successful.

My friends, you are too close to your dreams. Just keep walking, take another lap because you never know this might be The One. I believe you are gonna to make it, you will be unstoppable, just keep walking. Don’t you stop. Don’t stop!