Wide-angle, new perspective

Wide-angle, new perspective

There are meanings and reasons behind every shot that is represented in a film. However, wide-angle shots can be the most informative or even the most general shots of a film. We will take the help of the movie, “Life of Pi” to understand the concept behind Wide angle shots.

How to identify symmetrical shots

This shot is not symmetrical but the actual place in the shot seems very symmetrical. The reflection of the doors on the water of the swimming pool seems oddly satisfying although it’s an oblique angle.

The light blue color shows the coolness and the calm environment as the shot is taken from under the water. The bit of a water wave caused by the swimmer actually shows us the illusion that was cast upon us by the smooth shot from under the water.

How illusory/imagery shots are produced through colors

The magical blue color that is shown from a bird’s view shows that “Pi” might be dreaming of this magical moment that clears out the water for him so that one can even make out the little dots in the water like stars. Like, “Pi” is actually floating in the sky.

A person keeping in mind that the logs supporting the shaft should be symmetrical while building a safety shaft, lost somewhere in the pacific is very hard to believe. The shot feels very imaginative but not that believable.

The Obvious Illusion

The whale leaves the scene with a question mark to arouse a question for the viewers whether this beautiful yet cold moment in “Pi’s” life was real or not. Whether the whole story that is first narrated by Pi is actually true?

The light blue color of the whale separates it with the ocean or with the night sky.

The white color does dominate the lifeboat out in the pacific.

This shot is a brilliant one as it shows the human (the smallest size living being in the shot), the tiger (the living being which is bigger than the human) and the whale (the biggest living being in the shot). The water seems so calm in this shot just like the tiger and the human is.

The Birds View Angle

The bird view angle makes it possible for the viewers to understand that the relation between the tiger and Pi is a bit different now. The tiger doesn’t seem to be all riled up and Pi trusting his instinct that he sees the soul in the eyes of the animals can calmly sleep on the lifeboat along with the tiger.

The Combination of Warm Lights with Smoke

The smoke of the flare gun connects in some way with the smoke of the ship that is very far from the lifeboat in which Pi seems to be struggling to survive. The hope for Pi starts from the smoke of the flare gun and ends at the smoke from the ship. That’s ironic. The warm light from the sun looks like a sign of hope for the Pi which is also near the long lost hope of Pi which is the ship.