Wild Hunt – The Witcher Season 2 Biggest Spoiler Revealed!

Wild Hunt – The Witcher Season 2 Biggest Spoiler Revealed!

The most anticipated sequel by Netflix is The Witcher season 2. The new photos from the set, however, have given hint to the biggest spoiler of season 2 i.e. Wild Hunt. Henry Cavill is the lead in the fantasy world as ”Geralt of Rivia” hunting monsters. The movie is the adaption of the famous book series and video game and was released in 2019. The Witcher became fairly popular and has a cult following worldwide.

Fans are eager to find out the spinoffs, elements from the books, and character developments.

Some of the expected storylines of season 2 will be bonding between Geralt, and the Princess of Cintra Ciri (Freya Allen). Both the characters are linked by the Law of Surprise. The duo united at the end of season 1, while are expected to go to Kaer Morhen in season 2.

Kaer Morhen will introduce the characters as Lambert (Paul Bullion), and Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz). But the spoiler is revealed by Redanian Intelligence from the photosets. However, the scope or role of the Wild Hunt has not been estimated yet.

Now, finding out what a Wild Hunt is?

Also known as Red Riders or Wraiths of Mörhogg, they are featured usually in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are known as a sign of war, originally believed to be the wraiths on undead horses. Wild Hunt is basically the Aen Elle Elves that are led by Eredin Bréacc Glas. They are on a hunt or you can say a mission to capture slaves to serve the elves from other worlds. Actually, Geralt was also a member of this group, so season 2 might shed light on that phase of his life, and Geralt’s and Ciri’s storyline.

In the books, Ciri is one of the prime targets of the Wild Hunt because of her Elder Blood abilities and their pursuit. This is the main reason why Geralt and Yennefer protect her. Season 2 will focus more on Ciri’s powers. Wild Hunt might have a smaller role in season 2 but will have a bigger role in season 3 for sure. Let’s wait for the most anticipated and amazing sequel of Netflix.

To look at the photos from the sets.