Wonder Woman 1984 explains Batman v Superman loose end!

Wonder Woman 1984 explains Batman v Superman loose end!

Wonder Woman 1984 resolves the issue of continuity in Diana’s past in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. She first made her appearance as Amazonian Goddess in 2016 superhero movie. She though played a minor role but was widely appraised for her character and role. The Wonder Woman already had a fanbase due to the books of the same name. Gal Gadot managed to appear as a solo superhero in her movie Wonder Woman in 2017.

There were some gaps missing in her origin story. The movie reveals the details of Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman movie. However, one detail is missing where Wonder woman mentions that she left humanity a hundred years ago but that doesn’t seem to be true as she continued to be active as a superhero in Wonder Woman 1984.

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The latest Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel has released quite much information about the upcoming movie as well. The book explained what Wonder Woman meant by leaving humanity. It doesn’t mean that she left humanity and didn’t want to help them. But it indicated that she stopped living and mingling with people because as she is immortal, she didn’t want to make friends who’ll grow older and die while she stays alone. She couldn’t afford to lose more people. She never quits from her responsibility as a superhero. Superheroes might look fascinating but this is quite sad.

This finally resolved the continuity problem and Wonder Woman 1984 timeline for the Batman vs Superman movie. The loose end could have been left by the DCEU, but it was a nice gesture that they answered the question that has been in the mind of fans. They tried to make a coherent narrative. The studio shows how serious they are when it comes to the coherent absolute narrative.

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Further details we have about the movie trailer released details include the type of life Diana is spending. IF we see the trailer closely, Diana seems to develop a friendship with Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), her coworker. She seems so close to her friend that she shared her love story with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). This shows how they will fall out of love. Fans are so curious how the situation will lead to the circumstances shown in the Batman vs Superman movie.

Gal Gadot is really excited for her next movie and is falling in love with the images of the trailer. The movie is now scheduled to release on October 2, 2020. Though we cannot say anything about the Wonder Woman 1984 release date! Are You Waiting for the movie? Let us know in the comments section.