Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Finalized!

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Finalized!

Wonder Woman 1984 release date is officially announced and is expected to be delayed to Christmas 2020. The highly-anticipated DC Extended Universe movie sequel for “Wonder Woman”, featuring Gal Gadot was expected to have released by now. The movie premiere was expected in June 2020.

The health emergency situation around the world makes Warner Bros delay the release date. The movie was first announced to be released in June, it changed to August, and the release date settled for October but the recent updates have shown that the movie has been delayed to Christmas 2020.

Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to explain many loose ends that were left in Batman Vs Superman. The movie was supposed to release a month after Tenet’s release. Movie theatres have been closed since the pandemic situation spread around the world rigorously. However, the cinemas have been reopened after Christopher Nolan has set an example by releasing Tenet worldwide.

The movie despite many challenges of limited shows and seating has managed to earn almost $100 million globally after the first weekend of its opening in the US. But the movie scores though good but would have been far better if it would have been released in the pre-quarantine era. This is the reason that Warner Bros has delayed the release of major movies.

The movie industry has changed drastically. Recently Gal Gadot posted her picture of undertaking the Covid-19 test before starting filming for Red Notice.

Now Warner Bros has decided Wonder Woman 1984 release date to be on Christmas 2020 (25th December 2020). Surprisingly, Dune is also planned to be released in its original slot that is December 2020. So, two big movies are expected in December and on holidays.

It seems very strange to release two big movies by the same studio in the same month. But the conditions around the world have made filmmakers delay many big movies so WB is not expecting much competition in December even both movies are released and the studio is also expecting the things to get better.

Things have been taking surprising turns after the COVID-19 virus. It should not surprise you if the movies are still delayed and not release on Christmas as well.

There were also rumours that big movies will go for other alternatives for the release of their movies, but one thing is for sure that just like Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984 will also not release on any online platform.

However, the recent release of Mulan has proved that going online is not a bad option. Despite the high price the movie has increased the subscriptions of Disney + have risen amazingly. But the movie earned 33.5 million in the first weekend, which is just a small percentage of what Disney normally earns from its movies.

Let’s see whether Wonder Woman 1984 release date will stick to Christmas or not!