X-Men Reboot: Why one actor is not interested!

X-Men Reboot: Why one actor is not interested!

Do you know it’s been 20 years since the first X-Men movie made its way to the theatres? It was the time when Marvel’s Mutants were introduced and loved by the audience. The X-Men became a franchise and it has touched the skies and ruled the cinema for more than a decade. However, due to the merger of Disney and Fox, the franchise is integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This will reshape the cinematic makeover of the mutants. Fans are excited to see how Marvel Studios will change the heroes, but one of the X-Men cast members seems not interested in the given opportunity.  You must be thinking who is the actor losing interest in the X-Men reboot. Bruce Davison played the role of evil Senator Robert Kelly who was abducted by the Mutants force (Magneto’s team). Kelly wants to end the X-Men, and so he made himself a mutant too.

Davison, however, expressed his opinion of X-Men reboot. He stated that he is not interested in how Disney will refresh the X-Men series. Why should they rebrand when they can work on a new idea too. They should create new ideas, thoughts or characters. He gave the example of Stan Lee, how he used to innovate. He said that Disney should find the new talent to work on new ideas.

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In our view, Davison might be right and his opinion does have a strong weight. But he also told in an interview that if he’d get a chance to work in X-Men reboot, he replied that he will be surprised and shocked but it’d make him happy more than anything, but he is not setting any expectations.

There might be a chance Bruce Davison will return in X-Men reboot leading the anti-mutants. How can someone deny the offer from one of the biggest and expanding franchises of Marvel Cinematic Universe? Marvel Studios have expressed their views of interlinking the past actors in the show.

Thought of an X-Men reboot made the X-Men fans worldwide happy and anxious as well. But they definitely don’t want their favourite characters to get ruined.

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One can imagine that Marvel Studios likely wants to put a totally different spin on the X-Men, so Bruce Davison may be right in assuming that he won’t be brought back into the fold. Yet stranger things have happened in the world of comic book movies. Though Davison is not expecting to get cast in the X-Men reboot, who knows he might fit Senator Kelly role in x-Men 7th season.

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